August 13, 2013

OUATIMD Screen Allocation for 15th August

A lot of moviegoers and filmbuff wants to know how many screen Once Upon Ay Time in Mumbai Doabara will get on 15th August. Hence, we have tried to made some queries from few exhibitors in Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai and Bengaluru City regarding the release of OUATIMD on 15th on their cinemas. After those queries found few interesting facts about OUATIMD release on 15th August. 

As per many exhibitors they are still trying to make a good balance so that both film OUATIMD and Chennai Express gets enough screen space for Independence Day release. That means from first hand report Chennai Express is going to retain good number of screens for 15th August also. As per them OUATIMD is not going to get more than 2000 screens on 15th August. Yes, from coming Friday, screening of OUATIMD is going to increase upto 2500 may be, but already benefit of 15th August will also be gone, with Balaji already leaving EID holiday benefit.

Coming to Screen allocation now, tomorrow is crucial for OUATIMD as whatever happens to Chennai Express, it will directly affect OUATIMD. Till the end of first weekend exhibitors have made up their mind that due to the superb performance of CE, they are going to retain most of the screens. That means on Monday morning Balaji was making many failed attempts to get decent enough screen release for 15th August. But scenario is now little bit tilted towards makers of OUATIMD as Chennai Express has registered significant drop on Monday and Tuesday, because of whatever reasons. 

As of today night OUATIMD will get atleast 1600-1700 screens (Bare Minimum) for 15th August release. Exhibitors will decide today night and tomorrow day time about the exact percentage screen allocation of OUATIMD and Chennai Express for 15th August. If CE again shows a drop in collections for tomorrow by day time, then many exhibitors will give a good thought of allocating big screens for OUATIMD for 15th August. If CE sustains well then it might retain good percentage of screens for 15th August.

Satyam Cineplexes in Delhi City (Nehru Place, Janak Place, Patel Nagar) has allocated around 6 screen for OUATIMD and 5 screens for Chennai Express for 15th August. Right now each three cinemas currently running 15 shows for Chennai Express in a single day. If we take this above samples as benchmark then OUATIMD and Chennai Express will get near about same screen space in mutliplexes. Scenario might be same for single screens also, which result will be out tomorrow. Yes, from 16th OUATIMD will get a boost of increase in screen release size.

Another big problem for OUATIMD is that its running time is around 2 hrs 40 minutes. That means because of longer length time, film will get lesser screens, then a normal shorter length film.

Yes, it is little bit disappointing for Akshay Kumar fans Worldwide. But scenario could have been worse also. A screen size of 1600-1800 (which can be increased to 2000+ by tomorrow) for 15th August is not at all bad. If film gets 90-100% occupancy in that allocated screens film still might collect a figure in excess of 15 crore nett for the first day. Yes, more screen would have been merrier.

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