August 14, 2013

OUATIMD Advance Booking Report for 15th August. Good but Limited Screens.

Amidst all chaos and fight for screening of Once Upon Ay Time in Mumbai Dobaara for 15th August, advance booking of the film has started in big cities in selected cinemas. As if now stands OUATIMD will get limited release on 15th August. Still negotiations are going on between Balaji Films and exhibitors, but it seems that OUATIMD has faced the wrath of releasing it after just 6 days running of Chennai Express which is having outstanding run at box office.

Let's now come to the advance booking report of OUATIMD. Film has started its advance booking with bang in all cinemas where it has got screened in Delhi. It is sort of Historic for an Akshay Kumar starrer. Only problem is screening is extremely limited. As for Delhi City, many shows are already Sold Out. In rest tickets are getting Sold for 15th August (Tomorrow) at brisk pace. Yes, OUATIMD has got limited screening, but still 60-70% tickets are already Sold Out in many selected cinemas. Fantastic.

In Mumbai advance booking of OUATIMD is decent with 30-40% tickets are already Sold Out. But problem is again that it had got limited screenings. 

In Hyderabad however OUATIMD has got very good number of screens and advance booking is also Historic there with already many shows Sold Out. Looks like OUATIMD will take a grand opening there on tomorrow.

So, overall picture of Advance booking for OUATIMD is so far very good. Only dent is that it has got limited screenings. Right now negotiations are going on between Balaji films and exhibitors. If somehow OUATIMD manages more screens that expect a big start for 15th August for the film.

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