Chennai Express Music Review.

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So, we are back with the Music Review of Chennai Express. The much awaited film of 2013 starring Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone in lead roles. Already two video songs of the film is out. Chennai Express is a fun filled Romantic Masala Entertainer and typical Rohit Shetty film. 

Generally Rohit Shetty film has less scope for Songs, but since, CE stars SRK and Deepika and music is composed by Vishal and Shekhar, we still have high expectation from the music of the film. So, let's start the review without any further delay.

Music Composer - Vishal-Shekhar
Lyrics - Amitabh Bhattacharya

1. 1234 Get On The Dance Floor - Sung by Vishal Dadlani, Hamsika Iyer and Sricharan Kasturirangan. First song of the album and it is also the First Item Song of the film. Video of the song is already out. Average song to start the album. Yes, in between music picks up well, but overall music is inconsistent. About the lyrics, both Hindi and Tamil words are used, which is a nice try. Hope the song is situational and buzz increases after the film releases. One more thing about this track, is that after repeat hearing it grows on you. Still it is a let down to start an album which carries so much expectation. Average!

2. Titli - Sung by Gopi Sunder and Chinmayi Sripaada. Slow and soft number. Music of 'Titli' is nice and soothing to ears. Both the lead singers gives honest performance. Music composed by Vishal-Shekhar is thumbs up for this track. It is a romantic track filmed between Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone. Overall Titli is a nice song and one can hear it repeat number of times.

3. Tera Rastaa Chhodoon Na - Sung by Anusha Mani and Amitabh Bhattacharya. Another love song after Titli. Music starts with bang. But after that dips in between. Special mention of lyrics as it is extremely good. It is the lyrics that keeps the track going forward. Both the lead singers gives first rated performance. Song may grow with the Video Release. Overall nice number, but not outstanding!

4. Kashmir Main Tu Kanyakumari - Sung by Sunidhi Chauhan, Arijit Singh and Neeti Mohan. So, finally Vishal-Shekhar is back to bang with this track. Full On 'peppy and masaladaar' number in offing. Vishal-Shekar are back in form. Arijit, Sunidhi are at their best. Neeti complements them well. Kashmir Main Tu Kanyakumari goes with an entertainment film like Chennai Express, which was missing till now. Sure Shot Chartbuster number in potential. Hope the song will go notch higher after the video release. Lyrics are extremely good. Imposes the 'Unity in Diversity' flavour with this track. Must Listen.

5. Ready Steady Po - Sung by Vishal, Brodha V, Enkore, Natalie Di Luccio, Smokey. Ready Steady Po is a techno number. There is lot of Rap in the song. Music is nice. Lyrics are good. Hope Ready Steady Po is liked by all after the video release as what video release did for 'Criminal' of Ra.One. Overall Ready Steady Po is a nice song and it will be interesting to see how the makers will implement this kind of the song in a film like Chennai Express which is mostly shot in South India Locales with South Indian flavours. Overall it is a nice & peppy track. 

6. Chennai Express 'Title Track' - Sung by S.P. Balasubrahmanyam and Jonita Gandhi. Rocking Number. Chartbuster for sure. Legendary S.P. Balasubrahmanyam is back in Bollywood and by how. Wow! He has his own style to tell a story of a song. Chennai Express title song is 'A to Z' SPB style. 'Conincidental Hai, thodi is Mental hai' is a typical SPB sing of style. Remind us of his favourite songs of 'Ek Duje Ke Liye' days or even a 'Tumse Milne Ki Tamanaa Hai' from Saajan. Yes, we know SPB is very busy in South, but he should sing more often in Bollywood. Please Sir, if you are listening! Coming to music of Vishal-Shekhar they deliver their best with the Title Track. It is going to stay in our minds for days. Hope that this track is used well in the film. From the early looks it looks like that this track will be used in Start or End Credit of the film. Must Listen.

There are also 'Titli' Dubstep Version and 'Chennai Express' Mash Up Version available in the album which might be liked by niche listeners.

Plusses - Chennai Express Title Track, Kashmir Main Tu Kanyakumari, Ready Steady Po.
Minuses - Could have got rid of 1 or 2 songs.

Verdict - We give 3.5 stars out of 5. Hope music of films grows with Video and film release. Music could have been better, but it is still good. Chennai Express music is nice, entertaining and varied. Well tried!

Music is releasing on 3rd July 2013 (Tomorrow). Till then you can listen it in
or Listen Below. 

1. Chennai Express Music Jukebox 1  
2. Chennai Express Music Jukebox 2

Do tell us your feedback of the Music of Chennai Express.


  1. Title track, Kashmir Main, Titli and Tera rasta are fantastic (especially the first 3).

    1234 is average but is a song suited for listening in the cinema rather than for personal listening.

    Ready Steady Po is a good club song and can really take off with a rocking video.

  2. I think according to most people: CE title song, kashmir mein and titli are great and best of the album.

  3. 1 star becoz I like deepika

  4. Looks like chennai express has 2,3 chartbusters which is great for opening. Title song and ready steady po shouldn't be in the film but part of credits or else might make film too long.

  5. ab 100 crores cross nahi hoga

  6. kalia , kisi bhi site ne 2 star se jyada nahi diya, apne kaise 3.5 star de diye

    1. Shah Rukh Khan- A living LegendJuly 2, 2013 at 5:51 PM

      Tune kaha 2 star dekh liye. reality check kar le bhai. till now no review. 2.5/5 (They mentioned that its not a masterpiece but good keeping the genre in mind). they have talked good things about the music 3.5/5 No review till now

      SO where the hell did you find 2 star. Abey nahi achha laga to bol na jhuthi afwahe kyo urata hai.

  7. I heard the songs,only Titlii is good. rest all are noise and irritates you

  8. For me the preference is as below:

    1. Titli
    2. Tera rasta chhodu na
    3. Kashmir mai tu kanyakumari (peppy track)
    4. Title track (Especially the beats)
    5. Ready steady po

    Rest songs are OK type. Not so great and not so disasterous.

    Now someone had said that the music is noisy and irritating, only one line: Lots of movies in the past from reputed actors like salman, akshaya, ajay etc had the same noisy and cheap item songs tab kisi ko irritation nahi ho raha tha but CE ka music irritate kar raha hai. Really you haters are genius jinka bus ek hi target hai, jaise v hi bus srk ko oppose karna hai. But u guys always forget despite of the maximum negativity SRK always delivered hits/superhits consistently since 2005. (Paheli in 2005 was the last flop) Ab kuch log baat karenge BB and ATBB ki to mai admit karta hu ki srk ne ye nahi diya hai kafi time se but definitely he still in the top 3. (To be specific, after salman he is here).

    1. Hy kunal bro,i knw u respect each actor & i also knw SRK Is ur fav but bro songs shud be listen by heart & mind & not taking any stars in mind...For the Record,i m clarifyin u, i m a salman fan...but wen it cumes to music,i dnt lyk dat thng cum in btw music..u r tellin chennai express music is good ..Sry bro its average except the title track & if we take kashmir mai kanyakumari tu also,rest all songs are not even close to good....seriously u compare dis album with shahrukh's OM SHAANTI OM album...the same vishal shekhar combo(leave video aside),all songs are so good dat in once listening,dey will be in ur lips repeatedly...dats the magic of music...Aur bro,songs item songs ho ya romantic ya disco song,usse koi fark ni pdta...jb tk wo song aapko acha lgta h i guess its not bad either....ab aap log item songs irritable mante ho lekn wahi songs gaadio me loud krke sunte ho...aur yr agr salman,akshay ya ajay ya hrithik ki muvie me item songs h,to wo songs ache hote h....peppy hote h...ekdum muh me chad jae aise hote h....ab chennai express me bhi item songs h....bro u shud compare dat wid other muvies which have item no's.....but u wil not find dis item number even close to dem seriously.....aur yr muvies jaisi bhi ho lekn kam se kam uska gusa music me kyu nikalte ho...seriously speaking bro,chennai express music is not upto the xpectation, mine rating wil be 2/5 bcz of title track which has been sung by legend SP BALASUBRAMANIUM...Awesome track...& to some extent The sunidhi's No....Rest Songs are just not nice at all....!!


    2. Hey aman, i liked your thoughts but i also found them contradictory. You told that you never let fav star come in the process of deciding about music. so what your take on munni, sheela and fevicol type songs. sirf muh pe gaana chadh jaye to wo achha hai koi jaruri nahi hai. Anyways its all about ones like and dislike. I am really surprised by the fact that you are saying that those cheap lyrics and vulgar dance songs are gud because we listen them in high sound. I also accept your fact that OSO music was a classical album. Bro, CE album is no where near to OSO class but does it mean that it is crap. OSO album was a super and its not possible to match up the same level every time. 2nd thing the music is released just 1 day before, so before trashing it give some time to it. ek baar me sun k music pasand aa jaye ab wo time nahi raha dost few exception like Aashiqi2 or YJHD. But the haters cant wait for that also. 5pm me release hoga aur wo 6pm me verdict denge ki ye crap hai disaster hai etc etc. specially for srk movie. I also said that except few numbers like titli, tera rasta and CE title the album is not so decent but you must agree that the album is also not so disaster as few haters are trying to prove. My point was for those people who just pull someone down deliberately. Its not about srk only.

    3. Bro, Item songs are not cheap & vulgar...bro ab shaadiyo me parties me...disco me jab yehi songs bajte h tab wo vulgarity kaha jati to koi naachte waqt ye ni dekhta....har song ka genre alg hota h...aur isliye har song ko uske merit me sunna chahiye...romantic hai to usko us point of view se sunna usme vulgarity kaha se aa gyi bro....item songs bhi songs hi hote hai...i m not sayin dey r d best...i m sayin every song shud be listened at der merit...den decide if dat song is likable or not....& bro i hv compared CE music wid OSO bcz dat was also a vishal shekhar combo & a masala muvie...also vishal shekhar combo worked in RA.ONE ALSO....Chammal challo was also an item no....though it was incorporated in the muvie as a regular song but it was remembered as a item song u knw well u tell me bro is dat song vulgar or cheap....but dat song was very good & likeable instantly....if u cud lyk dat song den why not other item songs....but in case of CE,der so called item songs are also not upto the mark....ya u wr rite,CE ALBUM IS DEFINITELY NOT A DISASTER...its average bcz if u cud find 2 songs out 6 songs in a album appreaciable,i guess its not a bad idea to have it....Right...But still it cud be better...!!


  9. honestly not upto the mark. Averege album. Ce music= ye tune kya kiya. Its a masterpiece. Its like rangreej from tanu weds manu. This time srk dissapoint me.

    1. Is imran in lead role and akshay is in supporting role (ouatim2)?

  10. 1/5 for me. Bullshit album of the year

  11. Honestly speaking all songs are crap. but i like srk so i give 2 stars. Big disappointment

    1. Shah Rukh Khan- A living LegendJuly 2, 2013 at 7:50 PM

      hater likh k kaam nahi chala to ab srk fan ho kar logo ko behka rahe hai ye hater log. inhone apni life dedicate kar di hai srk ko nicha dikhane me but afsos wo kar nahi pate. haters tumhari frustration samajh sakte hai hum srk fans.

  12. my ratings 1/2 / 5 for ce becoz deepika
    my ratings 1/4 / 5 for ouatim2 becoz sonakshi

    1. tera bap hakla sale suvar ki olad

  13. my rating 5/5 bcoz srk

  14. best album then don2 and jthj.

  15. decent songs...

  16. it is a combo of love song,,soft song,,pepp number,,item number and a good title one...

    my pick -
    tera rasta
    mai kashmir
    ready steady po....

    being a die hard srkian,,i am very clear about reality...

    and it is - i am completely agree with kunal bhai that ce album is no where near to oso album but still it is a decent one....

    compare with previous rohit shetty movies -
    bol bachchan
    golmal series
    all the best,,,,
    every rohit movie has not so memorable songs but occasional wise good songs....

    but this time dueto presence of srk deepika pair,,,album has also 2 love songs,,and i like main kashmir also on a high note...

    overall a thumbs up for this one...

    not a master piece at all but a nice one....

    and i am also agree with addatoday team review...
    congrats sir for a neutral review...

  17. Kashmir Mein Kanyakumari And Titli Are Awesome Songs..... Meherbani Is Also Good.....

  18. larchat song of d yr

  19. Personally the album is very gud with mixture of all types of songs....1234 not an otstanding song but a nycc peppy song luvd it....titli,kasmir mein tu kanyakumari r the highlight of this album....awesm both of them....tera raasta na chodun mein is another vry nycc romantic song nt outstanding....ready steady po is average kind of n the real core of the album is title song sung by n song is jst mindblowing....hats off....overall thumbs up frm my side...nt a single blemish in the album n 3-4 outstanding songs n wonder these haters r calling this disaster kind of album...surely nt upto the level of ashiqui 2 or yjhd but nevertheless a very gud album....may b im srk fan n people here will say becoz of srk his fans r liking the music....even i sometimes gets dissapointed with his films specially ra1 n jab tk hai jaan bcoz expectations r sky high whenever his movie guys its nt like tht everything srk does is best....same is the case with othr suprstars....sallu in dabangg n wanted awesm....akki in rowdy n namaste london terrific....ajay devgan in singham n bol bachan outstanding...emmi in jannat n murder....amir intaare zameen par n 3 idiots....srk in my name is khan n don appreciate good wrk u haters plzzz.....

  20. jhand aise gaane hai or kahta hai hatsoff...isse accha hai kannad song radio pr sunu,ha ha ha ha ha ha.....

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. the main concern of all posts -
    some srk fans who are also regular readers of this site,,like,,,kunal anand,,akshat,,srk the living legend,,myself,,all have given a clear cut true review...

    no one of us have shown that this is a master piece,,best album of year etc...

    every srk hater can read our comments and think twice and than make comments...

    i appreciate above mentioned names as they are loyal srk fans but still are stick to what is true..

    i have again read the full review and again i thank addatoday team for one of very neutral and true,,unbiased review...,

  22. one interesting point i read on indicine...

    chennai express music review - 3 stars out of 5..

    one sentence they also have mentioned that i also has written in my view...

    normally rohit shetty movies are not known for great music,,but this is best album for any rohit shetty directed till today..

    completely agree...

  23. Srk very true....rit

  24. I will say one thing to all the readers, especially to srk haters, Please read the comments given by myself, Akshat, SRK-The living legend and SRK. Nowhere we said the CE album is an outstanding or masterpiece which you can store in shelf for collection but its worth few times listening. Its not the best work of vishal shekhar cause they have given some really memorable albums. We are saying that CE album is gud album which goes hit during the movie release and fades away with time. CE is not the only one in this category. There are lots of movies, from all famous stars, whose music had been hit during movie release then they faded. I wont name anyone just to avoid any argument. Guys, I gave few try to listen the CE album and I found the best song is CE title track sung by the legend SPB sir. His melodious voice anf nice lyrics made the song a nice one to listen. Folks I must admit that i imagined Salman bhai due to spb sir voice. Now moving to other songs, titli is the soul of the album which serves the typical SRK style of romance. Tera rasta is also on the same category. Kashmir mai and ready steady po are two peppy numbers which will give the opportunity to burn the dance floor. Honestly saying in these type of songs no one care about lyrics and song they just need a high beat music for dance and these 2 serves the purpose. Honestly 1234 gave me a disappointment except the superb south indian dance by SRK and priyamani.

    Guys, once again I say CE album is not Aashiqi2 or YJHD like but still its a gud one for sometime listening. Its a rohit shetty film which never had good music but this one has some musical aspect which may boost the film. This was a honest analysis from my side. Jinko manna hai mane ya fir na mane. I cant do anything for that and I am not bothered about that also.

    1. agree...
      and also it is true that still it is best album for a rohit shetty movie...


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