July 19, 2013

Chennai Express Gets 6 Days Solo Release. After effects!

Makers of Chennai Express has announced that the film will release now on 9th August instead of 8th as announced earlier. So, what does it make impact on its own business and of course the next release after 6 days that is Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai Dobara. 

As far our assumption since, OUATIMD release is around less than one month away, they can't react much to the CE effect. Because of logistic issues OUATIMD has to release the film only on 15th August as scheduled. Yes, they can make a day shift here or there like CE done, but whatever be the issue, they are not going to miss the 15th August Holiday Release as they have already left Eid date to CE.

So, we have summarise some important points which might happen because of postponement of Chennai Express by a single day. Let's Start -
  • Chennai Express will release on National Holiday (9th August). That means it will have historic opening day at box office with potential or crossing 35 crore nett in a single day. Whether it can achieve it in reality is another big question. If that happens then ETT Opening Day record will be shattered and history will be created.
  • Chennai Express will lose at least 10 crore as they have postponed it by a day. 10 crore because CE will recover some in the 2nd Day (Holiday Release). However if film content is good then it will recover that in long run.
  • Chennai Express will get 6 days solo run instead of 7 days.
  • Screen Fight for 15th August will now definitely arrive as CE will hardly give away their screens just after 6 days release. Whatever be the well being between them and team of OUATIMD, no one will leave screen space with huge budget on cards just after 6 days easily. That means OUATIMD will have now to lure the exhibitors to get a decent screen space on 15th August and the following days. This is definitely the biggest after effect!
  • Yes, CE opening will be good because of Shah Rukh Khan star power no doubt about that, but if content is not upto to mark then it will go downward from 15th as OUATIMD will release. Same way, reverse will happen and film will run strong from 15th also, if content is liked by audiences, and then it will badly affect the release of OUATIMD. Also, what is the content of OUATIMD that will also have its effect on CE from 15th.
After the new date announcement of CE, many in trade without disclosing their names have suggested that it would have been better if both films would have released on 9th itself with near about 50-50 screens. As 2000+ screen is also a wide release and both film would have then got the benefit of EID and Independence Day release. Hmm, now that is too late to happen. Balaji has till now not reacted to the news and it will be interesting how they will keep calm till 15th.

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