Chennai Express and OUATIM Dobara Screen Release Count. Early Estimates.

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A lot of thinking is given to the whole scenario revolving around Chennai Express and Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai Dobara release. We have made a rough estimate of how many screens Chennai Express and OUATIMD will get on their release. It is right time make an estimate. First clear picture will be out on eve of CE release. And 2nd clearer picture will be out on the eve of OUATIMD release.

There are around 4000-4200 significant screens in India right now for Hindi film release. From which say around 98-99+ business is done. Yes, there are many more theaters are present but they hardly show any new releases. These are only be needed when there is a scarcity of screens which may arise on 15th August.

Plus there will be a hike in Ticket Price, as it is festive time about to come. No doubt that after the festive period is over ticket price will be rolled back to normal. So, with high ticket price for festive season and around 4200 screens available in India one can expect a business of 40+ crore from this screens in a single day. But for that one needs a high occupancy of 90-95%+ in such wide release.

Coming to Release of Chennai Express on 9th August. Although CE is releasing on 8th in Evening and Night shows (Paid Previews), still it will be in leading cinemas only. Full India release is on 9th. From early estimates Chennai Express should release in around 3500-3600 screens on 9th. Final figure should be in that range and there may be a 2-3% variance but no much. Mind you this is some big number. That means CE will officially be the biggest release ever in India.

9th August Release - Chennai Express - 3500-3600 Screens. Rest screens will be for current running films and regional films released on festive time.

Now coming to 15th August. As per insiders OUATIM Dobara will get a screen of 2500 for release. But there is a point in this. If CE performs well till the release of OUATIMD, exhibitors might be reluctant to release its screens for OUATIMD. In that scenario OUATIMD might get lower number of screens then expected. Considering the last year clash between JTHJ-SOS, SOS still got 1700-1800 screens. From that at least expect a bare minimum of 2000 screens for OUATIMD on 15th August.

15th August Release - OUATIMD - 2500 Screens. Chennai Express - 1500-1700 Screens. Note - If CE performs well in first 5-6 days then it may even get screens of around 2000 on 15th, thus reducing the screens of OUATIMD to around 2000-2200. Yes, there is a outside chance that if CE performs badly after the weekend then OUATIMD may get a big release of 2700-2800+ on 15th, with CE screens reduced 1200-1400.

We have given a conservative numbers thinking all scenario. Actuals might differ, but as per our estimate it should be in that range. Now, open your calculator and do your maths which film has how much potential at box office.

Soon we are posting the Box Office Prediction and Potential of Chennai Express.


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    1. CE hardly break Raody Rathore's figure not Bodyguard ya Dabangg. YJHD/ETT will far from CE.
      OUATIMD hardly break Agneepath record.

  2. Chennai express made with strong content thats why ce will do paid preview like 3i, ghajni and bmb. No doubt ce will be the widest release and it get not only outstanding openning but also it get long run like rab ne banadi jodi

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  4. Chennai Express potential 34.5 Cr causes of single release.

  5. Chennai Express potential 34.5 Cr causes of single release.

  6. Another Ra1 will coming in festive reason. 1st 6day 100cr. Lifetime 140cr max

    1. Even 140 cr is Blockbuster since movie budget is 60-65 cr, but worldwide it will surely cross 200 cr. I think movie will be as good as Om Shanti Om and not Ra1.

  7. CE 1st 6day 100cr
    2nd week 30cr
    lifetime 150cr
    OUATIMD 1st week 85cr lifetime 135cr.

  8. @bollywood king, @boxofficeindia handicap roshen fans ki to fat gayi, dekhlena ce 200cr se jada kamaye ga aur d3 300cr kamaye ga. Aur ce massala film hai, sci fi nehi ra1 ki tara, year i agree with you if you says k3 will be another ra1.

  9. first of all i want to talk about paid preview shows...
    all know that 3 idiots gajini bhag milkha bhag have paid previews on day before the official release....

    now every one knows the public response of these films,,,all got terific response from audience....

    so it is not wrong to say that chennai exp makers are confident about their product content....

    because good reviews from paid previews can boost the collection on the day later which is a national holiday.....

    this can be a strategy too...
    but there is also an out side chance too that if paid previews get average reviews than it can affect by 5-10% too on day 1.....

    mean while,,acc to utv ceo sidhdharth roy kapoor,,not only in india but in overseas too,,makers are trying to release the film on full monty as already 170 screens in uk alone which is biggest release in uk for a bollywood movie...

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    1. sir though you have deleted my comment by believing that i am supposed to promote other sites here is wrong...
      i will take care of it next time...
      it was not intentional as i just want to check it whether it is right or wrong...hope you understand me...

  11. latest info i got...ce run time is 153 min and it got U certificate from censor board....

  12. After ajay now akshay it's your turn.

  13. CE first day 35 cr, 4 day's to go 100 cr Mark. n lifetime collect 230 cr. All records are surely broke. Pls let wait n c..

  14. I was totally disappointed to see ouatima trailer and thought what will I do this eid but now see the trailer of chennai express I am very happy I'll go for the movie first day first show. I'll take rest in independence weekend and after that I'll go for the movie madras cafe. Thank u SRK, Thank u Rohit, Thank u Deepika, Thank u UTV.

  15. ce will break all worldwide records like 3 idiots,mnik,ett

  16. Chennai Express will not run on tracks, but it will simply fly..300 cr business worldwide for sure.


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