June 3, 2013

OUATIM Dobara Theatrical Trailer Review. First Response!

Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai 2 is in news from when the casting is done. The second outing of the film has totally new cast with Akshay Kumar, Imran Khan and Sonaskhi Sinha in lead roles. Akshay Kumar is going to play the Villain which is on the line of Dawood Ibrahim in the film. Akshay is casted as Shoaib who is ruling the Mumbai underworld. Imran Khan is the rising Gangter named Aslam in the film. Sonakshi Sinha is struggling Starlet in the film named Yasmin Mirza and many say it is on the line of Mandakini real life story. From the trailer it can be said that she might be playing the daughter of Sultan Mirza (OUATIM) played by Ajay Devgn in the prequel or some indirect connection between those two characters. It is not clear now. As per the trailer it seems that Imran works under Akshay who is already the underworld kingpin of Mumbai. But all hell broke loose when both fell in love with Sonakshi. With neither backing aside and fight for his own love becomes the main plot of the film. With lots of twist and turns who will finally get the girl is all about OUATIM Dobara.

From the trailer there is not much to reveal about the storyline. In the trailer introduction of the main characters are done. Akshay Kumar waits everyone for a International Cricket Match. He is the King and rules Mumbai Underworld. Makes entry with an awesome dialogue , "Peene ki capacity, jeene ki strength, account ka balance aur naam ka khauf, kabhi kam nahi hona chahiye!" which will be welcomed in single screens with seetis and taalis. As for Sonakshi Sinha he emulates the famous lines of Ajay Devgn (Sultan Mirza) from OUATIM, "Bas duwa mein yaad rakhna!" That suggest she might have some direct or indirect link with Sultan. May be her daughter. As for Imran he makes his intro with another rocking dialogue, "Apne dhande ki ek saying he. Jahaan teen the tikgda, wahaan kaam bigda!" After the intro it is shown that both male protagonists (Akshay & Imran) are ready to fight it out for their lady love Sonakshi. 

Songs are still to be out. But if reliable sources are to be believed then there are few chartbuster numbers which will create the hype of the film even more. It is to be noted that OUATIM had rocking music which helped the film to create the buzz immensely. OUATIMA also needs that.

As for the star cast. Ajay Devgn will not be missed much as Akshay Kumar will take over for him. As for Imran Khan he has big boots to fill in of Emraan Hashmi, who was outstanding in the prequel. Hope he does justice!

Now for the trailer response of OUATIMD. We have given a thumbs up to the first promos. Eagerly waiting for the songs and further dialogues. Trailer is looking even better in the theaters as background music adds spice to it. Till now half began is well done for the Team OUATIMA and Balaji!

Theater Release Date - 15 Aug, 2013

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