June 17, 2013

OUATIM Dobara Decision to Postpone to 15 August is Right or Wrong?

Last few days we have been asked by many whether the makers of OUATIM Dobara featuring Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha and Imran Khan have done the right thing by postponing the film to 15th August 2013? OUATIM Dobara is one of the much awaited film of the year and it was earlier scheduled for release on EID, that is on 8th August. But since, Chennai Express is also coming on EID, Makers of OUATIMD decided to postpone the film after a meeting between Jeetendra and Shahrukh Khan.

As per our assumption if OUATIMD had released as per earlier plan on EID, then it would have got a screen count of around 1800-2000 at most. Although, it would have the benefit of both EID and Independence Day Holidays. Now, since OUATIMD releases on 15th August and if it gets anything less than 2500 screens then it is having a big loss. Plus, it will lose the EID Holiday benefit also. Yes, there is a plus for the film now and that is, if Chennai Express reviews are poor to average then OUATIMD will be hugely benefitted by that. But it can have reverse affect also if the CE reviews are good for that matter.

In India right now around 10000+ screens are available. But out of date only around 4000 screens are significant. To be exact, around 3700-3800 screens are significant and add another 700-800 screens which can be added as additionals at most. Chennai Express is now set to release in 3500+ screens in India on EID. As per normal trend of big film it should lose 50% of screens in the second week. That means OUATIMD has a real chance of getting 2300-2500 screens on 15th August, which will be just decent to start. Problem for OUATIMD will start when and if Chennai Express performs exceedingly well in the first weekdays of release. If Chennai Express sustains well on 1st Monday or Tuesday, then theater owners will find it difficult to give screens to OUATIMD. And if Chennai Express has a big fall on 1st Monday or Tuesday, then there is every chance that OUATIMD might get even more screens then a assumed 2300-2500

So, right now it is all guessing work. We can't say the decision is right or wrong by the makers of OUATIMD. But realistically its screening in the first week is now depended on the content of Chennai Express. Another point is that a film never depends on the screen count for its performance. It is the film content that is more important than ever. Since, OUATIMD is sure shot to get more than 2000+ screens on 15th August, makers should be wary for the film content then depending on other film quotient. Anyways it nice of Balaji to backing it out and showing lots of maturity. With most of the film doing majority of its business in the first week itself, there should not be much affect in the business of OUATIMD. Plus, if the film content is good, it can still create Havoc at the Box Office.

Note - Makers of Chennai Express has assured of leaving screens in the second week for OUATIMD, which paved the way for Makers of OUATIMD to postpone to 15th. How much is that true only time will tell!

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