Aamir Khan Movies Box Office Report. Updated April 2013.

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Aamir Khan the name is enough to make box office cash register ringing. His name is itself a brand of good films. He is having one of his best career phases and his films are garnering gold one after another. He is the first one to show the 100 and 200 crore club for his contemporaries in India. He is the first one to show the 300 crore club worldwide. Problem with Aamir is that he hardly do a movie a year and that's why he had hardly any significant releases in last few years. We are going to consider his last four films to see what kind of trend he is carrying now in box office India. Dhobi Ghat and Delhi Belly are not considered as one is not promoted as commercial film and in other he was just having a special appearance. These films can't decide his star power.

Aamir Khan recent movies in last few years and how they fared at the Box Office India Market -  

Talaash (2012) - Lifetime Box Office - 94 cr nett (approx). Hit. More or less all have made profit from the film.
3 Idiots (2009) - Lifetime Box Office - 202.5 cr nett (approx). All Time Blockbuster. All Time Records are broken. One of the most profitable venture in history of Bollywood. First film to cross 200 crore nett in India.
Ghajini (2008) - Lifetime Box Office - 114.7 cr nett (approx). All Time Blockbuster. One of the most profitable venture in history of Bollywood. First film to cross 100 crore nett in India.
Taare Zameen Par (2007) - Lifetime Box Office - 62.5 cr nett (approx). Super Hit. All associated with the film has made good profit.

Out of Aamir Khan last 4 films, 2 films are ATBB,1 film is Super Hit and 1 film is Hit.

All Time Blockbuster - 2.
Blockbuster - None.
Super Hit -1
Hit - 1
Semi Hit/Above Average/Average/Below Average - None
Flop/Disaster/All Time Disaster - None

Hit Ratio - 100%*.
100 Crore Club - 2

Aamir Khan upcoming new movies are - Dhoom 3 (2013) and Peekay (2014)

*If Dhobi Ghat is included then Hit Ratio of Aamir Khan comes around 80% which is still excellent. We have not consdiered Dhobi Ghat as it is dark film as it is not promoted as regular commercial port-boiler. For your reference Lifetime Box Office of Dhobi Ghat is around 16 crore nett. Verdict - Semi Hit.

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  1. kalia, where is dhobi ghaat.

    1. Dhobi Ghat is not a regular film, it is a dark film. Anyways Lifetime Box Office Collection of Dhobi Ghat is 16 cr nett (approx). Verdict - Semi Hit. Budget around 8 crore.

    2. Do You Think, It should be semi HIT. As it has star of Amir KHan who has a huge value in terms of money. So Consider Budget 8+Star Value. Let us assume 30 Cr, It is also very less. Now what verdict you give.

    3. you r talking star value but you are not looking kind of zoner this movie belong too and it's aamir honesty that at the time of Dhobi Ghat promotion he clearly state that this movie is not an entertainer it is a dark film and only for high class multiplex audience, that you not remembering bus argue karne aa jate hain at least this main have gut to produe and deliever with honesty not trying to make foll the audience like other star Srk and Akshay.

  2. talaash was also semi hit...

  3. amir khan hit ratio 80%

  4. kalia, amir khan is not lead role in dhobi ghat aur Taare Zameen Par. so don't include both. it you don't count both then what will be hit ratio of amir.

    1. RIGHT@ AnonymousApril 12, 2013 at 11:16 AM

    2. my dear Dhobi ghat is a successful venture if you count this that it is also successful and Taare Zameen par he has Improtant role it is ok that his entry was at the end of first half but after that its all Aamir show, so first you should be not biased enough to bring them someone and you want to take credit of Aamir from taare Zammen par at least you should respect his work don't forget he is director of the movie so it is also his movie whether he is in main lead or not.

  5. talaash is underperformer movie. so it can't be a hit. lame horse

  6. Talaash was a Semi-hit and Dhobi Ghat was Flop.

  7. Darsheel Safary was nominated best actor for Taare Zameen Par by filmfare and has given Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actor, so Taare Zameen Par is not amir khan's movie. he was in supporting role and director.

  8. Aamir Khan recent movies (2010-2013) and how they fared at the Box Office India Market -
    Opps I didn't know 3 idiots, Ghajini and Tare Zameen Par released after 2010.
    Count only talaash: Talaash is hit according to you, so Aamir has 100% hit ratio.
    According to BOI: Talaash is semi hit, so Aamir has 0% hit ratio.

  9. Ye kaalia v lagta ha ab bawla ho gaya hai. Are kaalia bhai box office report agar 2010-13 ka discuss kar rahe ho, toh ye 3 idiots(2009), ghazini(2008) aur tzp(2007) ko kyu consider kar rahe ho? Agar karte ho toh other actors ki v karo. 2007 me salman ki partner v blockbuster thi, aur srk ki cdi, oso, rnbdj v blockbuster thi. Even akki ki welcome v blockbuster thi. Par in movies ko kyu consider nahi kiye. It shows your biasness. Aamir ki sirf ek movie ha between 2010-13, that is talaash which was semi hit. So hit% is 0. Chutiya banana band karo kaalia.

    1. Sorry. Aamir Khan has only one release in Talaash from 2010 till present. That's why we have considered his last 4 significant films to see his box office trend. Hope u ppl understand. Cheers!

    2. AnonymousApril 12, 2013 at 11:27 PM@
      absolutely right brother
      kalia amir ka hit ratio 0 hai. you should correct it & respect readers.
      180 crore ka prediction diya
      ek tha tiger ko atbb se bb bana diya

      har baar apni chalate ho kyonki ye site tumhari hai. logic ko illlogic banana to koi tumse sikhe!!!!

    3. Amir ka hit ratio 0 ho chaahe 100 percent but he is only one actor which is great from today,s hero. Amir is only one who directed great movie like Taare Zameen Par , jab tak koi actor aisi mahan movie nahi banata tab tak vo Amir se compere karne k layak tak nahi he.

    4. sachin you right dear because Aamir haters are the most idiotic person i felt you might be love him or not but how can you bring down his success by commenting like fool, he is done 9 movie in last decade and 5 movies are cult classic and his masala entertainer Ghajin was trend setter and An Atbb but doesn't know how these fools underestimate him but one thing sure this cristmas they all have to shut their mouth when D3 cross the 3 idiots collection this year, get a life fools


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