Kajol Interview at FICCI Frames 2013. Exclusive Pictures

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Kajol is right now into a image makeover. She was looking drop dead gorgeous at FICCI Frames 2013. She was at her candid best in her interview to media. Here are the excerpt from that conversation.

On her absence from the silverscreen-
“I have a baby, I have a financial security. It has always been family first for me. And I'm happy with that. You can say that I'm not too ambitious!”
On not taking risky or out of the box roles-
"I go by my gut feel. I make films that I enjoy watching, that I am proud of. I do films that I'm convinced with and am comfortable doing. I get offered a lot of woman roles. But they have a very dark story, and forget acting; I don't even want to watch dark films."

On doing a film like Kahaani-
"Had Sujoy offered me a Kahaani, I would've have done it. But then again a lot would've have depended on how he sold the story to me. A director has a lot to do with my films. I need to be able to communicate well with him, Because even a good script can be made mediocre by a bad director."

On doing a film like "The Dirty Picture-
"No! I would not have done a film like 'The Dirty Picture'. You need to have a certain thinking to do such films. I have a husband, kids and a family. I would not have been comfortable doing such a film. I could not have done justice to the role."
On masala films & item numbers-
"Personally, I love masala films and even item numbers. If I'm paying 400 bucks for a ticket I should be entertained- with laughter, tears or whatever it is. I enjoy watching item numbers. But I'm not very comfortable watching them with my kids."

Nyasa, Kajol's daughter says-
"You don't have a good taste in films. Why don't you ever do a film like Golmaal or Singham? You are always sad. Can you do at least one film without crying?"
On doing an item number-
"Karan (Karan Johar), you will definitely do a better item number than me."

On script selection-
"I am an avid reader since the age of 8. I read every possible book, right uptill the Meluhas. When you offer me a script, it has to be par excellence or why should I do a film?"

On sudden make over in public appearances-
"I'd like to credit Karan for this! Kudos to you for making a brand out of an individual. Times have changed and so has the media. This makeover has been a conscious decision. You have to follow certain rules."
On denial from the social media platforms-
"I'm just too lazy! I think it takes too much time and effort to be on any social media platform. Like tweeting between an event- "I'm being interviewed by Karan at FICCI."

On being asked if anybody can act better than her-
"No! Nobody can act better than me today. May be they will in the times to come. Give these girls some time. Acting is about conviction, about switching roles and their characteristics. It takes a lot of heart and soul. Being honest, I can say that I always gave my 100% to my job in front of the camera. I have never done injustice to my roles."

On career after marriage & motherhood- 
"Motherhood has made me a better actor. Otherwise I could not have done that scene in MNIK with that much conviction. As for marriage, actresses have done films after marriage for a long time. You just made a big deal about my films. I'd agree that in this industry a lot depends upon image. And after marriage an actress opens up to many roles. Her image becomes that of a complete woman."
On brand endorsements-
"I only sign brands which I believe in. Being a public figure I have a responsibility to endorse products that are right for people. I choose my brands wisely."

On a comeback & TV-
"I'm going through scripts. I'm also open to TV, but I definitely don't want to judge another dance show."

On love stories-
"Honestly, I've seen good films. But I haven't seen a love story like Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge or Kuch Kuch Hota Hai for a very long time now. Not because they're my films, but we really don't have anyone making love stories like that anymore."

10 years down the line-
"May be I'll have a third baby."

On seeing reflections of her lineage in herself-
"Yes! I see a lot of my dad in me when I'm sitting with my kids and laughing or telling them stories. My father used to narrate stories with all the sound effects like Dhishoom- dhishoom, thundering, horse steps.  I do the same. I see a lot of my mother in me day by day, specially when I'm yelling at my son. She's do the same. And then, I’ve always received compliments from people for looking like my aunt. But there are times when I see myself on screen and for a split second I see a glimpse of her in me. I feel happy."


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