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Major Holiday/Festive Release of Bollywood film has become a trend in recent times and what is more interesting is that every film maker is wanting to cash in on these available dates for their film release. It is nearly impossible for makers to get solo release on festive times as with every passing day quantity of films in Bollywood is increasing manifold. This year a lot of film is lined up and already all the major festive or Holiday dates are booked or near about booked. 

So, till the last report filled in who got what. Which maker managed to sink in the best release date of 2013. Which film has highest holidays in its first 10 days of release. We will postmortem the release dates of films Himmatwala, OUATIMA, Chennai Express, Mental, Krrish 3 and Dhoom 3, because these are the films which have got favourable release dates in 2013. Although makers of Chennai Express and Mental are still to make official announcement of their release dates, but if sources are to believed both these films have locked their release dates already.

1. Himmatwala. Himmatwala (Ajay Devgn, Tamannaah Bhatia) is the second major release after Race 2 (Saif Ali Khan, John Abraham, Deepika Padukone) in 2013. Race 2 released in 25th January 2013 and got Republic Day as Holiday which boost its collection in big way and film went to touch 100 crore nett mark in India. Himmatwala is releasing on 29th March. 29th March is Good Friday, that means Himmatwala will straight away get 3 Big Days in Good Friday, Saturday and Sunday, that is the first 3 days of release. It is a dream for makers to get all the first 3 days as Holidays. Himmatwala can boast of that. Second positive for the film is that it is solo release, so forget about the screen fights. It is foregone conclusion that Himmatwala being a solo release will get around 3000+ screens, with each single day capacity of touching 30 crore nett mark at the box office. If film content is good expect Tsunami at the box office.

2. Chennai Express vs OUATIMA vs Singh Saheb The Great. Chennai Express (Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone) is believed to be releasing this EID. Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai Again (Akshay Kumar, Sonali Bendre, Imran Khan, Sonakshi Sinha) is officially locked for EID. Dark horse Singh Saheb The Great starring Sunny Deol can't be ruled out as Sunny has got huge fan following in North Belt. EID falls on 8th and 9th August 2013. After that 10th and 11th is Saturday and Sunday. Huh! That means first four days are continuous Holiday. Easily the biggest release date of 2013 and no doubt all makers can give one of their Kidney for this release date. What more no Salman Film on this EID. If you have just got a breather then just think 15th August (Independence Day) falls on the 8th Day of the release, and we all know what happened last Independence Day when Ek Tha Tiger released, it broke the biggest single day record by a mile. This EID will get 5 big dates that is 8th & 9th (EID), 10th & 11th (Sat & Sun), 15th (Independence Day) in its first 8 days itself. It is not doubt that this is the biggest release period for films in 2013. Question is will it be wise to have multiple release in Chennai Express, OUATIMA and Singh Saheb The Great. One thing is certain that if any film gets solo release in this time period, God knows where collection will end after those first 8 days.

3. Mental vs Besharam. Mental (Salman Khan) release date is tentatively locked for 2nd October. Besharam (Ranbir Kapoor) is officially locked for 2nd October. Salman Khan misses this EID deadline as Mental shooting is just started. But all Salman fans can still rejoice as their Hero as got another good release date in 2nd October (Gandhi Jayanti). That means Mental will get 3 Big Days in 2nd (Gandhi Jayanti), 5th & 6th (Sat & Sun) in its first 5 days of release. It will also get the benefit of 13th October (Dusshera) but it falls on Sunday. But if there is no other major release than expect box office havoc of Mental on that day also. Plus Bakrid falls on 16th October. Problem with Mental are mainly two. First Dusshera and Bakrid falls after the first 10 days of its release. So, for Mental to get benefit of these Holidays, content has to be good, otherwise it is of no use. Secondly Besharam starring Ranbir Kapoor can't be taken lightly now as his last release Barfi! crossed the 100 crore nett barrier and it will give tough fight to Mental from the first day itself. Whether Ranbir can compete with Salman at the box office that is another big question?

4. Krrish 3. Krrish 3 is releasing this Diwali. Exact date is unknown right now but it is more or less certain that it will release on 1st November 2013. That means it will get 3 big days in 2nd & 3rd (Sat & Sun) and 4th (Diwali Holiday) in its first 4 days itself. Secondly it is a Hrithik Roshan starrer and from the Krrish franchise. Thirdly it will get solo release and can boast of 3000+ screens each day. With 3 days of first 4 days being Holiday, Krrish 3 should take earth shattering opening at the box office. It should earn significantly in its first 4 days itself. After that the content will take it to the place where it deserves. 14th November is Muharram which might help Krrish 3 a little bit, but it will be the 14th day from release date.

5. Dhoom 3. Dhoom3 (Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra) is releasing on 25th December 2013. Being first day at box office and being National Holiday we will be surprised that if Dhoom 3 doesn't break the Biggest Single Day collection by a mile. We don't know that Ek Tha Tiger 32.9 crore nett collection in a single day record will stay till then or not. But one thing is certain that Dhoom 3 will break ETT or any new single day record in its first day itself and it should be broken by a mile. Other then 25th Dec, Dhoom 3 will get big days in Saturday, Sunday and New Year Day. With four big days in first 8 days, plus being an Aamir starrer, plus being the biggest Bollywood franchise and from the biggest makers, expect all records to be broken in the first 8 days itself.

From the above postmortem/post analysis, one thing is certain that if any other movie except these above said films becomes the top grosser of the year then it will definitely be the 8th Wonder of the World in 2013. Also we the box office trade badly want 3 Idiots lifetime record to be broken, as it is long due and will be good for the industry.  

Do let us know your feedback on these films and any other film which stand chance to beat those in 2013. 


  1. what do you think kaalia???which film will release this eid???

    1. My guess is as good as yours. Chennai Express & OUATIMA more than 90% sure in EID!!

    2. but kaaliaji,there isn't any official announcement yet from ce camp.so do you think that we should completely believe in a news papers news??

    3. Yes it is not official. Let's see if any date changes happen will update accordingly. Cheers!!

    4. thanks kaaliaji,hope both films get solo atleast two weeks run so that they can proove their real strength.

    5. Why Dhoom 3 at top, the director's Vijaya Acharya's only directed film is "Tashaan" a super flop, Aamir's Last "Talassh " could not even collect 100cr at BO that Aamir coming after three years. Dhoom 3 looks like another Ra-one, high on style , low on content.

    6. Dhoom 3 date will remain unchanged.

  2. last night I met ekta & asked ouatim2' s release date, she was very confused but I over and over again ask she replied me that she is not understanding and was evading. but now she also changing ouatim2 title. see sunny's Starr & srk's movie on this date & think that nobody have no fear from akshay, she wants her movie's name "akshay kumar ki jhand ho gayi". so guys call this movie "akshay kumar ki jhand ho gayi"

    1. and finally you got spot boy's role in her next film.
      very good ramu as your career is already finished..
      try also in chutiya express.they might give you good role in chutiya xpress.

    2. The Cigar in the mouth should be in your ass.

  3. mental will release on 2 october, ranvir will out salman's fear. You can see it.

  4. Dono film one week k difference me release hogi r dono pitengi.

    1. kya yaar,mental se tujhe yahi asha he ki woh pitegi???

    2. mental ki nahi ouatm 2 and ce k baare me bol raha hu.

    3. Baat rahi ce k vo to pitegi pr quatm to gand phate gi mental k bhi lund hai srk aur tmhara sallu

  5. krissh 3 having more chances to do big business because of diwali and in diwali there is holidays of 5 to 6 days.so, it will overtake all records except 31crores of first day and lifetime record of 3 idiots.

    1. chance of goin ra.1 or kites also possible...superhero film be one time watch..papa roshan might copied 3-4 hollywood films to make one krissh-3...

    2. Dhoom 3 will go Raone and Tashaan way, high on Style and low on Substance. Dhoom 3 is directed by Vijay Acharya whose last directed film was "Tashaan" which was the biggest disappointment of that year. What do we expect from that Director. Aamir khan please do not challenge SAlman Khan at BOX office and in Action oriented movie. Dhoom 3 will be average.

    3. Krrish 3 is releasing in november around Diwali time and Dhoom 3 on Christmas.

  6. Dhoom 3 will b the biggest grosser this year...main reason is solo release n both r biggest bollywood franchises....mental as it a salman khan starrer so we cant say anything even competing with besharam n still emerges no 1 grosser....sallu fan following is increasing day by day...n as far as chennai express is concerned....it has definately got the best release date n for some reason if ouat2 gets postpone n nt able 2 release on eid....then surely chennai express is in the race 4 top 3 finishers....as a srk fan i m hoping 4 a roller coaster ride with complete masala genre....entertainment guaranteed 100% if ur watching a rohit shetty starrer my b its a singham or bol bachan or golmal series...cheers

    1. The person who is directing Dhoom3 is the one who directed "Tashan" last, so I have a doubt about Dhoom3 . Directer of Dhoom and Dhoom2 has separated from Dhoom 3.

    2. what are you lying
      hear is the fact that Vijay Krishna Acharya direct :

      please give a answer about this

      Dhoom 3 : 170 - 180 crore Krrish 3 : 180 - 200 +

      Chennai Express : 130 - 150

  7. Dhoom 3 follwed by krrish 3 then comes mental n chennai express...next should b ajays himmatwaala followed by akshays ouat2....at the moment order is luking like these but can b changed....all r great actors whether it is amir,ajay,akshay,srk or sallu

    1. What Dhoom 3??????? Chor police game kitna kamayengi. Aamir should do good movies like 3i, RDB, Sarfarosh. I think he is planning to challenge Salman Bhai and King Shahrukh at BO. But Aamir Should remember that he is too small infornt of Salman & SRK and even infront of Hritik.

  8. chakki kumar quatim2 will be flop and sunny paaji,srk will win race..tired of seein chaaki kumar with 3rd class and joker expression in every film..atleast he shd learn actin from juniors like hritik or ranbir..

    1. srgay chutiya express will be disaster.tired of srgay's over acting and every time he does like a stammering goat.pathetic actor.

    2. Why is SRGAY doing a comedy/masala movie. he looks good in GAY roles. Anyways I am sure SRGAY will avoid this clash otherwise his career is finished. CE will loose upon the collection to its potential and loose again other movies.

  9. Easly DHOOM 3 gonna be biggest hit of 2013, Krish 3 and Mental cauld be also but rare chance. Acc. to me 1 DHOOM 3 2. Mental 3 3. Krish 3 4. Chennai Express

    1. Krrish3 has the best chance bcz of its release time..

  10. 1. Mental
    2. D3
    3. Krish3
    4. Himmatwala
    5. Boss

    1. Agreed, but D3 should be below K3.

  11. yaa D3 will be the highest grossing movie ever so 3 idiots record will be thrashed this year by the same man who created that record love you Aamir
    you truly rocks

    1. What is the Collection of "Talaash" and why so less. Salman & SRK with average movies, negative reviews and even clash can collect 100 crore, why Aamir could not do not.

  12. 1) D3
    2) K3
    3) Mental
    4) Chennai Express
    4) OUATIM2
    5) Himmatwala

    1. Why Dhoom 3 at top, the director's Vijaya Acharya's only directed film is "Tashan" a super flop, Aamir's Last "talassh " could not even collect 100ce at BO. Dhoom 3 looks like another Raone.

  13. Dhoom:3 will chew the box-office whether it's first day, 2nd day ,fifth day or lifetime collections all would be shatter by this film as this time Aamir is gonna hit hard ,Talaash was just a calm before the Storm.......! beware all the King Kobra & bhai fans ..! The records are meant to be broken by Aamir Only as Ghajni's records was broken by Aamir Only and 3 Idiots records would be broken by Aamir Only .!

  14. yar ye chkki ke fans ko kya he yar....
    itna purana itihas he...jaha check krna he krlo yaro koi bhi site pe kisi bhi analyst ko pu6lo yar sab yahi kahenge ki veerzara ke samne aitraz or don ke samne janeman buri tarah hari thi....
    india me or overseas me bhi....
    abhi bhi ye log spl26 ki bat kar rhe he...kya ukhad liya spl26 ne,,.
    khiladi bhi 65cr se aage nahi badhi...
    boi ke hisab se akki ke pas ek 200cr grosser he or vo he rowdy...
    kis srk se panga lene ki bat kar rhe he ye log jis srk ki rabne bnadi jodi ne 2008 me mumbai attacks ke wqt 157cr worldwide mare the jab 200cr club to kya 100cr club bhi nahi aaya tha as gajini made 100cr after rabne banadi jodi was released during christmas....
    akki ki khiladi,,omg,,spl26,,joker in 4 filmo se jyada kamai to rnbdj ne ki thi vo bhi 5 saal pehle...dekhlo chkki ki okat kya he...overseas me 5 million to cross nahi kar pata he randva....
    agar srk ko hi beat nahi kar paya to salman ko to sapne me bhi mat sochna....
    a66a achiever to salman he jisne overseas me bhi ab apna dam dikhana shuru kiya he lekin chkki vahi ka vahi he....
    sabse jyada movie krne ke bavjud 1 200cr hardly he uske pas or uske kutte bhok rhe he...
    bahut chilla rhe the release ke time ki ajtk ki best film he...salo ne promotion krne me koi kasar bki nahi rkhi lekin public bevkuf nahi he....unhe jo dekhna he vahi vo dekhenge....ese 10-15 log milke internet pe ese hi bematlab marketing krne se kya hota he....
    final verdict to sab ke samne he.....
    aamir-1st to cross 100cr,,200cr,,300cr club..
    salman-one man army with back to back blockbusters...
    srk-no.1 in consistancy with 4 continous 200cr grossers...
    kaha he chkki-sabse jyada movie krke sabse kam hit dene vala gunda...

    1. ghanta srgay saala.rowdy rathore ka record bol tere gay baap ko saale phir aake bhonk na

  15. dhoom3's director's last was tashan...
    shri chakki maharaj ki krupa se vo super flop hui thi...
    jay ho joker maharaj ki....

    1. usi maharaj ki wajah se tu huva he,,
      ab soch le teri maa kaha kaha gai hogi.

    2. Sare katuo k maa usi ne chodi hui hai bhosdi k tmko kya pta madarchod k srk k gand phat ti hai akshay se

  16. D3 then k3 then besharm

  17. Chennai express is going to break all the records , no matter what would be its release date. And i am sure that it will be highest grossing movie in domestic as well as in overseas. Srk rocks.

  18. Salgay Ki flops

    biwi ho to aisi
    Patthar ke phool
    Ek ladka aur ek ladki
    Sangdil sanam
    Andaaj apna-2
    Chand ka tukda
    Sar utha k jio
    Janam samjha karo
    Sirf tum
    Chal mere bhai
    Tumko na bhool payenge
    Ye h jalwa
    Love at time square
    Salaam e ishq
    God tussi great ho
    Main aur Mrs khanna
    London dreams
    Tell me O khuda


    Dil tera aashiq
    Yeh majhdhaar
    Dushman dunia ka
    Hello brother
    Kahi pyar na ho jaye
    Phir milenge
    Dil ne jise apna Kaha
    Shaadi karke phass gya Yaar

    Below avg

    Total movies 81
    Flops - 32
    Disasters - 13
    Below avg - 3

  19. Srgay Ki movies dusro Ki vajah se hi chalti h srgay fan.....
    Deewana- rishi kapoor
    Bazigar- kajol
    Ddlj -kajol
    Dtph- akki madhuri
    Darr- sunny
    mohhbatein - big b
    Kkkg- big b & hritik
    Khnh-pritey Saif
    Karan arjun - salmaan bhai
    Kkhh- kajol rani
    Hths-salman madhuri
    Devdas-madhuri aish
    Mein hoon na-sunil
    Veer zaara- rani preety
    Kank-big b Abhi rani
    My name is Khan- kajol
    Baaki Sab to crap movies h Saale gay Ki

  20. Thanx fr the list of hit movies of srk...:-p

  21. kalia bhai, it's true, akshay is doing sequel of deshdrohi with Kamal R Khan after boss?

  22. Kaaliaji,what is the lifetime net collections of Marigold?

  23. #1 chennai express =200cr in india and $18million(100cr+) in overseas #2 krissh 3= 180cr in india and $13million(80cr+)in overseas. Although it will shown in 1300 screen in overseas it cant break srk record #3 dhoom 3= 180cr in india and $11million(66cr+) in overseas #4 mental=180cr in india and $10 or $9million( 60cr or below) in overseas so this year srk+rohit+deepika

  24. #1 chennai express =200cr in india and $18million(100cr+) in overseas #2 krissh 3= 180cr in india and $13million(80cr+)in overseas. Although it will shown in 1300 screen in overseas it cant break srk record #3 dhoom 3= 180cr in india and $11million(66cr+) in overseas #4 mental=180cr in india and $10 or $9million( 60cr or below) in overseas so this year srk+rohit+deepika

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