Don 2 Total Collection *Actuals* Till the end of Third Weekend. Total - 106 cr nett.

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Don 2 has collected a very decent 3.5 cr nett all India in its 3rd Weekend. Don 2 collections got affected because of release of Players on Friday. Here below are the *Actuals* of Don 2, till the end of 3rd Weekend. Don 2 total collections at the end of 3rd weekend is 106 cr nett all India. 

Don 2 lifetime collections will be around 110 crore nett all India, but end figure may vary as no major release is till Agneepath and Players have performed below expectations.

Collection Breakup All Versions (Actuals) -

First Week - 74.5 cr nett.
Second Week - 27.9 cr nett.
Third Weekend - 3.5 cr nett.

Total - 105.9 cr nett.

Collection Hindi Version only

First Week - 71 cr nett.
Second Week - 27.25 cr nett.
Third Weekend - 3.5 cr nett.

Total (Hindi Version) - 101.75 cr nett.

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  1. Give the breakup of orginal versions not dubbed

  2. What to say of Don 2. This is the best picture I have ever watched and this should make a business by 130 cr

  3. Anonymous,

    Hindi Version - 71 cr nett (1st Week), 27.25 cr nett (2nd week) & 3.5 cr nett (3rd weekend). Total (Hindi Version) - 101.75 cr nett.

  4. Mind blowing movie shahrukh looks pretty handsome king in the movie nyc style and overall the movie is blockbuster by collecting 103.05 crors"hindi" 5 crors "others" 64 crors overseas = .172.05 crors. Dabaang tu gaya but es bar Bodyguard bach gaya guys please have a look to the boxoffice after 1 week u will see that crossed 183 crors in overall and broke bodyguard in overall collection the most important1.

  5. still 11 crors left to break bodyguard. but the movie stoped jumping.

  6. Don 2 life time business will be 200 crors. Record in the bollywood history. Amir/Salman tum lok to gaya.


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