Don 2 First Day Collection 15 cr nett. Bumper Opening.

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Don 2 has collected huge 15 crore nett all India on its opening day as per early estimates. It has collected around 14+ crore nett all India in its Hindi version and 75 lakhs around from Tamil & Telugu version. 

Business from multiplexes is huge and expectedly garnered huge chunk of money from it. But the problem is the single screens which was just an average performer on Day 1. Due to moderate business at single screens its business got affected by atleast 4-5 crores. Anyways multiplexes are just rocking and hope it becomes 2nd film after ZNMD which grossed huge number at the Box Office on its multiplex occupancy merits.

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  1. u told us in a post that don 2 would easly break bodyguard(22 cr. Approx) and i said what a joke and i m righ.don 2 first day collection nowhere to bodyguard despite huge scree space.

  2. Dear Anonymous a better opening was expected from Single Screens. Also Multiplexes are expected 90%+ opening expected which didn't happened. Ur absolutely right, you might have studied the pulse of audience. Anyways lets be positive for coming days. Lower opening than Bodyguard, is maybe coz of negativity surrounding Ra.One, Don 2 mixed reports or Cold Wave. What u say?


  4. I think Kaalia is a huge fan of srk.....but u know kaalia srk sucks....he remain alive only for some bullshit fan like u...

  5. hey ppl itz day2 so compare it with ra1 cz ra1 haz da record of day2 or u can say da biggest single day record n no other movie can break 4get bodyguard now day1 iz ova...juz compare it wd ra1 foh 5dayz atleast.....luv u srk u rokz.!!

  6. all dudes why you all are fighting for Bollywood actors,they are all Marasiii..all of them..good for entertainment..Never follow them..neither fight for them with your brother and fellas..follow your self..don't be a looser be a tasmanian devil....I am the Master of my fate..i am the captain of my be It !! live your way :):)

  7. Bulshit..hw can people compare DON2 wid reviewer,very bad taste..combo of srk and farhan is really just awesm..after a long tym once again i am satisfied wid SRK's perfrmance..people who really want to see an good action thriller must go for it..there is a hollywoody flavour..and those who lyk one man army typd BAKWAS film should stay at home..and b4 watching d film dey should stop talking lyk nonsense.

  8. Salman khan released so many films to make bodyguard a grand opening...But SRK only relased 1 prior movie...So i think this much of money on day one is better compare to salmans.

  9. bacha ....see the history ...

    buuudagard has no single day highest record( 21 cr) in its book .. its already breached by in second day (25 cr )..

    ..if you are considering 1 day ...why not 2 day ..why not pre release sucess .. see the sucess rate of 3grade actor like sullu ...

    I think your changing your best hero every year ....sullu this year ... aksya last year ....abishek , ....Hruthik ,sunil sheti,ajay devgan, amita bachan ..r kapoor .....

    how many hero's you will bring as compitators to SRK ....

    Its Junk people like u comparing Sachin's century (not ha
    ving first ball six )against his 50 runs (having first ball six).

    for you people "his 50 runs (having first ball six)." grater then
    his century

    Bacha ,,,See History of sallus flop rate :

    1.He is totally ignored because he has highest number of flop (arround 46 films ).....

    award number 1. Salu has 36 flop films with budget less the 30 cr.

    award number 2. Salu has 15 flop movies in row.

    award number 3. he has ZERO awards. Waiting for award from rediff . ha ha ha..... number 1 star.... not having single awards ...big joke..He will not retire until he gets one.

    award number 4: Because of sallus best acting he has got several award mentioned above ( but real award count is Zero)

    award number 5: He uses his family members to dance in item song make his film hit...


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